All About Moii

Lets begin by giving you all some background knowledge on myself….

I go by the name of Cheyenne jade, Sometimes people call me Chey. I am a 24 year old university graduate who works within the early years sector. I was born in the U.K. , however I have a carribean background . Growing up i lived with one of my younger brothers and grandmother in north London.

Now I’ve given you a bit of base let’s get down to why I’ve decided to start blogging.

I had always considered myself to be strong, independent, highly motivated, ambitious and confident until recently…….

Dealing with depression, anxiety, Obsessive compulsive disorder, atopic eczema, red man syndrome and insomnia can really take a huge toll on your emotional, physical and social well being. It has been like a never ending cycle each issue impacting on the other. consequently making it hard for me to view myself as the original Cheyenne Jade. I had become someone else, someone I didn’t know. Somebody I couldn’t recognise emotionally or physically.

Growing up I had to be self sufficient. Most of what I had learned was through observation or via tv shows.I wouldn’t say I had a bad childhood because actually I loved my childhood.However some would say some of the things I had to go through were rather unfair. Due to being so self sufficient I had let myself down. My body literally had to break down to the point where I couldn’t walk for me to even think about reaching out for help.

Now on the road to recovery, I’ve been needing somewhere to offload and share my experiences in dealing with these problematic issues. Currently I am finding my way back to my original self, noticing little improvements and attitude changes.

Join me on my mission to find happiness and peace with my mind, body and soul. 💜💪🏾✍🏽💁🏽