Uv Treatment 

First I started off with 24 UV treatments to help heal my skin. At first i was a bit worried as I get claustrophobic and you have to stand in quite a small space to receive the treatment. 
Once I stepped inside and the door was closed I felt ok which was a relief. I started off going inside for less than a minute, this has now gradually become 5 minutes.
In the beginning even though I was going inside for less than a minute I got the most terrible sunburn which as you can imagine didn’t help my skin at all. Every time I would come out I would feel super itchy. 
By the 15th session I started to feel better. By the 24th session my stomach, back, neck, face and breast had cleared. It took a little longer for my ankles, wrists, lower leg and elbow area to heal. They are still healing now after 5 months of uv treatment. I’d say my skin is 80% healed with quite a few scars. 
I try my best to get natural rays from the sun, Dead Sea salt baths, moisturising and the UV treatments which has now gone down to two a week. 
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ 


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