Queen of Diamonds 💎 

It is amazing how happy you become when you start doing things for your own sense of happiness rather than others. 
Just taking out time to spend time with myself has been very enlightening for me. Physically I wasn’t able to do much so I started I started writing about some of my experiences. Just having somewhere to offload stopped me from keeping feelings and emotions locked inside.
I started walking three times a week for an hour with a very very good friend of mine. Not only did this provide me with fresh air and physical exercise but allowed our relationship to evolve in such a beautiful way. And in return she’s taking on some of my new practices too and incorporating them into her lifestyle. Which always helps when you have friends on the same page as you.
Yoga now and again reinforces everything that I’ve been doing to improve my mind body and soul.
In addition to everything I’ve started doing I met one of the most beautiful souls which has given me such a positive boost in all aspects. Which I am thankful for everyday. Sometimes it is nice having someone there that just makes you smile no matter how moody you have secretly been throughout the whole day.
Another important thing I have done for myself is just not wasting my energy on anything that I feel could cause me harm in any type of way. When I mean harm I’m talking about stress, anxiety, pain, arguments and soul swallowing relationships. So basically any kind of unnecessary negativity.  
All in all I’m feeling extremely good within myself. 


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