Letting go ….

Though this post may seem like it has nothing to do with my health a big part of stress. Stress caused from relationships. Whether that be a friend, a family member or sexual partner. 
Along my journey I have chosen to distance myself from people and that is ok.
Sometimes it can be difficult to let somebody go because at that period of time they were the only person or people that made you happy. They were the only person that made you laugh and smile. Even if they made you sad or angry the amount of happiness they gave you always outweighs the disrespect and upset that was caused. 
It’s important to understand that you may still love that person and that is ok. But in order to heal and find new ways of happiness there needs to be a cut off period. 
Sometimes you have to cut that person off to enable your self to love yourself more. Once you begin to love yourself you begin to find new ways of finding happiness. Whether that be through friends, hobbies or simply just enjoying time to yourself. 
Though you can’t see your world without that person it is possible. In years time you will look back and laugh because you once thought you needed that person to survive. 
It is healthy to let go of negative energy. Negative energy can drain you emotionally and physically. This can l also mean that you yourself can also be draining to be around. People will stay clear of you for having a constant dark cloud raining over your head 24/7. Energy is contagious.
The feeling of sadness, the pain, it’s temporary.Let go, find your happiness. WOOOSAAAAAAH 


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