Drifting Apart

The problems with all of the health issues I face is that sometimes I really do not want to see people. This can be because when I am feeling depressed or anxious or had zero sleep I am very easily irritated. Therefore I can get stressed by the smallest things. I don’t really want to be stressed because stress is a cause of my flare ups and it takes weeks for me to recover. Therefore I will do just about anything to avoid stress and people.
This places a strain on friendships, family and partners. You begin to drift away from these people. And sometimes when you say I really just want to be alone today they can take it personally because they do not know what your going through or how anxious the situation can make you feel.
People can try to sympathise with you but unless they have the same issues it’s very hard to empathise and really get it.

I have not met one person who has been able to say to me I have had all of these issues all at once too and I know exactly how your feeling. And your not always going to meet somone who knows what your going through. 
But Sometimes the best thing you can do is to educate and show others so they can begin to have an understanding of you and your situation. 
For me I find it extremely hard to verbalise how I am feeling. I prefer to just get on with things rather than express what is going on. I am now finding that there is something extremely refreshing and relieving in writing about my experiences on my blog. It is basically an online diary and once you click post and the stress is then released. 


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