Change of Diet 🍽

In 2014 when my eczema appeared again I decided to change my diet after having an allergy test done privately.This required taking a snip of my hair. At first I thought this is some kind of joke there is no way I am allergic to all 23 of these things. 

I was always aware that I had been allergic to fish and seafood as it triggers a serious reaction. But I just wasn’t aware of all the other allergens that had flagged up.
So I went for another allergy test this time it was a skin prick test. My skin reacted to everything I was tested against except tomato. Which is perfect because I live for tomatoes they are one of my fav fruits to eat in a salad.
So after the two tests I decided I would cut out dairy, wheat ,eggs and fructose as they were the main allergens. This had me looking at the labels on everything I soon discovered that there was basically nothing I could eat. I had to shop from the free from aisle which was expensive. A pack of free from pasta was £3 as opposed to normal pasta which is like 50p.
I began my food journey cutting out most allergens. Within two weeks I had lost a stone and my hair had started falling out. This was most probably because my body went into a slight shock and I may not of compensated for some nutrients. 

I continued for another two weeks. I didn’t see any skin improvements. I changed my diet again. I lived off rice milk, chicken, avocado, tomato, spinach, lettuce, lentils and the occasional small bowl of natural yogurt.
I didn’t see any improvements in my skin, but I was quite satisfied with my diet. I continued mainly eating vegetables, chicken and low fructose fruits. I also started making my own juices which were delicious.

In 2016 July my eating habits slipped and my skin also seemed to be getting worse. Eating out with friends and ordering takeaways did not help.

Currently now I am a part time vegetarian 🤣. During the week I have vegetarian food, milk alternatives, no eggs and occasional bits of cheese. On Sundays I have one meal with meat. 
Slowly my skin is improving however I can’t be sure if it’s the diet change, uv treatment or combination of the two.


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