Insomnia and Me

I have something called insomnia. Insomnia affects people differently. Some people have broken sleep, some do not sleep and some people have difficulty getting to sleep.It is hard to tell whether the anxiety caused the insomnia or the constant scratching from the pruritus (symptom of atopic and eryhthrodernnic eczema) lead to insomnia.
The average human being should get around 7-9 hours of sleep per day. This isn’t the case for me. Most of October 2015 to July 2016 I was running on ten minutes of sleep. From July 2016 I was having around l 1-3 hours of broken sleep up until November 2016, when my sleep went back down to 10 minutes a night .
Most days I had been physically active on a 12 hour work day. Which is incredibly draining but rewarding working with little ones. 4 evenings a week I attended the gym where I would mainly do cardio. One day a week I also did a session with my personal trainer. So it’s not that I wasn’t burning enough energy to be able to sleep.
The early morning travelling and coming home late really started to affect me in August 2016. I could feel my body just giving up. By the end of august I decided to hand in my one months resignation and find a job closer to home. I did this just so I could spend some extra time in bed each morning to help my body feel better. This was not the case as my body went into shut down mode by mid October 2016.
In the beginning I wasn’t affected by the sleepless nights. But once I became bedbound I found it incredibly frustrating being within the same 4 walls for months. Literally the same 4 walls as I didn’t leave my room for the toilet or to have a bath. (I was being bed bathed, before you all think I’m disgusting) 
I felt the lack of sleep wasn’t allowing my body sufficient time to repair its self. I was super duper tired and I just could not sleep.
I had tried sleeping tablets, extra doses of atarax (recommended by Dermatologist), herbal tablets etc.
I even tried putting lavender in my humidifier as I read it helps calm emotional stress and anxiety, improves sleep and helps with eczema and psoriasis. Within a couple of seconds I came up with hives and a thick weeping rash all over my arms and legs. No more lavender oil for me.
In July I started intense sleep training and had to keep a sleep diary. No patterns were noticed except my moods change drastically depending on my sleep. Hence why I spent most of 2016 just vex and irritated. Sorry to those who had to experience my roars and cries.
Currently I am surviving off 1-2 hours of sleep between 6-8am. Which is ok as I am not working. I refuse to go back to work until my body is completely healed and my mind is a little more at ease.
I am still on my mission to have a peaceful nights sleep. 😴💪🏾


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