Anxiety …👀 

Anxiety is something that everybody will experience at some point in their life. It is the “norm” to have a little worry every now and again. However it is crucial to be aware of when anxiety starts to become serious to the point where it’s stopping you from having a “normal” life. This is when it can be considered a mental health issue.
In January 2016 I went to the GP, yes I had thick rashes and spots of eczema here and there but this is not why I went to the GP. I went because I kept crying ALL the time. Everything was making me cry. Getting ready, walking down the road, being on the bus, being in the car, being at work and talking on the phone would all make me cry. Something about simple every day tasks I was finding so overwhelming and super distressing. 
I was so anxious my brain was on overdrive which lead to insomnia. That alone is a problem within itself. Without sleep it became difficult to function on a daily basis. I became very irritable.The most sleep I was getting was about 10 minutes from 5.35am till 5.45am. I couldn’t sleep any longer as 5.45 was the latest time I needed to get up for work.  
Back to the GP part……….My doctor hadn’t seen me for 12+ years since I was a little girl with severe eczema. He asked why I had come to the doctors that day and I broke down in hysterical tears. He asked me questions about work, relationships and my home life. He then referred me to a mental health service as he didn’t want to put me on anti depressants.
I attended a session with a therapist where I had a consultation, I cried the whole way through. The therapist asked questions to do with family, home life and work. After attending the consultation I was offered a series of appointments. I was put on a 6 month waiting list. 
In those 6 months I really struggled so much with everyday tasks. I tried my hardest to socialise and try be around people. Generally I am a person who likes routine. Routine is something that helps me to stay calm. However I didn’t realise how important routine was to me until I had a slight change in routine. I was completely thrown off balance. Every task made me feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed, unable concentrate, itchy, nervous, heartbeat racing and act irrational.
The more anxious I became the more sensitive my mind became to so many different triggers. Which meant that I was feeling uncomfortable and itchy all day. There wasn’t a moment in the day where I just felt calm.
I started my therapy sessions 18th July 2016 and was diagnosed with anxiety disorders. I was offered cbt for OCD and phobias.


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